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endee during a sub-forum of the Second World Buddhist Forum (WBF) in Wuxi, east Ch▓ina's Jiangsu Province, on March 29, 2009. Bainqen E▓rdini Qoigyijabu, attended the forum Sunday here with businessmen and monks, where they discussed Buddhist philosophies related to business. (Xinhua/Han Yuqing) &nb▓sp;  "So science and technology alone canno▓t ensure a happy life for the mankind, who still need to possess moral ethics and values, and Buddhism can play ▓a certain role in this regard," he added. 銆€銆€The performance of "Song of Auspiciousness" is staged at the Buddhist Palace in Lingshan Mountain in Wuxi, east China's Jia▓ngsu Province, on March 29, 2009, marking the end of the fi▓rst phase of the Second World Buddhist Forum (WBF). The second phase of the forum will take place in Taipe▓i from March 31 to April 1. (Xinhua/Wu Xiaoling)    "This dialogue in China is just like a seed, ▓which will sprout so long as it is sown," he said.▓ (Shi Yonghong and Gui Tao contributed to this report.)  China encourages Buddhism-Science dialogue to promote building harmonious societyby Li Jianmin WUXI, Jiangsu, March 29 (Xinhua) -- Sakyamuni's follower▓s carried out a rare face-to-face dialogue with sc▓ience workers in the eastern Chinese city of Wuxi Sunday in hope to converge their wisdom and jointly build▓ a harmonious society. The dialogue was conducted as a semin▓ar of the Second World Buddhist Forum that gathered more than 1,700 Buddhist monks, scholars and celebrities from aro

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